Green Squadron Two

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The air raid sirens still blaring we watched as 6 Spitfires took off in aid of the airfield and the single mysterious spitfire who had guided us home. I requested to be put into one of the 3 pilot less Spitfires having been a fighter pilot before my transfer to bomber command. The sky was bright with the fires of explosions and downed planes, whether they were British or German. I finally got approval and got off the ground, as I joined in the chaos I noticed we were badly outnumbered, not as badly as with the bombers but still at least two to one! I was getting my bearings back and I got in behind a German Messerschmidt and started to blast away. The Messerschmidt was tough and took over 200 rounds before it finally blew up. Directly after my encounter my plane was wracked with machine gun fire from the side. I started to juke but it was too late the pilot had swung around behind me in an amazing manoeuvre and show of airmanship. I was filled with fear.

This pilot was one of the best he had just outdone me in a way I could barely comprehend!
I was frantic, how could I escape, I did something extremely foolhardy, I dove straight down.

As I did so an Allie came to my rescue and started firing at my assailant. He fled to
achieve a better angle of attack on both of us. I immediately started to gain height so I
would not be so vulnerable.

The pilot who saved my life flew up beside me. It was the mysterious pilot from
before! I was amazed she had survived the dogfights occurring for the past half hour! I felt
comforted in becoming her self proclaimed wing man. As we flew on we downed two more
Messerschmidt’s and I noticed the skies were clearing! I could only pick out three of four
enemy planes anywhere near us! However I could only see 3 spitfires still airborne. With
the realization that all those pilots had died and planes lost came another frightful prospect.

The German who had nearly killed me could still be one of the 4 left! Just as the thought
occurred it became reality. My stomach churned. My new companion immediately dove left and tried to come around on his side. He saw her and to my horror turns into her and they had a fierce-some head on firefight. I was amazed to see them both fly away from it while I was frozen in shock and not compelled to actually react until he spotted me next! We were both off like a shot as I avoided him and he avoided my companion. Eventually he got around and behind her as well.

I thought we were both finished until she pulled backwards as hard as she could, she was MAD that manoeuvre would destroy the plane itself! I turned as fast as I thought safe thinking to see her plane literally fall apart midair. I saw the enemy pilot react with haste as he pulled to the side to avoid being rammed, he was now directly in front of me. I let loose. I must have knocked out his steering as he started flying straight away from me. As I was debating whether to kill him or try to ground him his plane blew up right in front of me!

She pulled beside me again and signalled to return to base. I did as she asked. I was rather impressed with my own landing it was perfect despite the damage I had sustained.
It had been awhile since I had flown a spitfire. I looked around and only saw one other
spitfire that wasn’t on fire and I assumed it was my new partner. I approached the plane
thinking to introduce myself and thank her for saving me. It was not her but another man I
did not know. As I introduced myself to him I heard an explosion and jumped involuntarily.
I looked around and saw 2 planes grappled together falling to the ground with a single
parachute drifting down from the sky! I screamed and ran to get an ambulance to meet the
parachutist, it MUST be her!

I acquired an ambulance an rushed to the nearest road I could find to the downed pilot!
I waited in the field as they drifted down towards the ground and to my dismay into a tree.
Thankfully only the parachute was stuck as I approached I saw it was her! I started to run
to meet my heroin but she was unconscious! I cut her down and carried her to the ambulance and rushed back to the base. When I arrived I climbed into the back to carry her to the MASH.

When I started to pick her up she spoke…

To be continued…


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