Saturday, December 16

Aliens Do Exist!

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Aliens, yes that is right do they really exist? I believe they do! If you think about
it scientists admit the universe is endless, somewhere in this endless expanse there must be
life on another planet, perhaps even on identical to earth. Have you ever heard the argument
life cannot be supported on such a planet? I have and immediately I thought, you mean WE could not survive. Does it not stand to reason that perhaps we breathe oxygen but another living thing could breathe carbon? Has it occurred to the great minds of the world that 20 degrees Celsius is only perfection for humans? Any other planet could have inhabitants that don’t need the same things as we do!

Another interesting theory I have noticed floating around is that all living things not from earth
are super advanced and have lasers and energy shields or space helmets! I believe that there is a planet out there that someone just figured out how to make their equivalent of a bow and arrow!

There may be a race out there somewhere who eats meals in pill form and fights wars with rays of light, or maybe WE are that race? We are developing all sorts of gizmo’s and electronics, in 20 years we may be on someone else’s planet and they will think, wow it is aliens! That star you see in the sky is a civilization more advanced then us watching us intensely, just like we will someone else when we have the technology to space travel longer distances and discover the other forms of life in the universe. They could look like us or they could be rocks with feet or something cool and sci-fi looking! The truth is the realm of impossibility is too widely used when it does not even truly exist, can you tell me there is no one else out there? I didn’t think so!


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