Fubars of Society

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What has society come to? Over the past few months I have marveled at how our
society is disintegrating right in front of us! All the news you see is about things
completely against human nature! These crimes are committed out of greed and hate and
jealousy. To me this is unacceptable, I have compiled a small list of the more
particularly disgusting cases and wonder how this can go on!

Today I was reading the news and one particular article stuck out to me. An article
about a woman who had adopted 3 children and then abused them physically and verbally
and eventually killed them. That is understandable from an insanity point of view if
still unacceptable, however she then put them in the freezer and froze them for six months
before the police found them in a search. The search was started by a helpful neighbor
who reported child abuse around the residence, sadly they were six months too late.

About a year ago a man killed his two elderly neighbors in rather gruesome ways!
It was impossible for the world to comprehend, more impossible is the fact that he was
allowed across the border into America carrying the bloody weapons he had used! The border
patrol claims they had no reason to assumed it was human! He claims to feel no remorse.

An actual religion believes in suicide bombings, I have no qualms with the religion
other then that one thing. How can any higher power think it best to kill yourself as well
as as many others as you can possibly take with you. This boggles my mind, I would love to
know what the leaders are thinking as they send these young people out to do this gruesome
task, better yet what are these young people thinking? I believe they are promised an interesting
reward which I will leave as speculation as I am not an expert I am just amazed this could
have developed!

Has anyone else noticed gas prices lately? This may seem off topic but I believe the
high fuel prices are created not by storms of 5 years past but of greed of the present. Fuel
has one of the largest profit margins of any product in the world! Yet it has doubled in price
in the past 10 years. The amount of reserves is immense and the amount created daily is also
above usage. China needs more and more fossil fuel therefore demand is growing and the large
oil companies think it is fair to make life almost unlivable to the populace of their own country
for their own gain! The overpricing of gasoline and any other product to me is unacceptable!


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