How to “Call the Shots” Within Your Music Group

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Are you in charge of a group of musicians or a music empire? When I say “Music Empire”, I mean do you have a group of artists under your supervision or label? If you’re used to be looked at as “The Front man” of the group, you’re going to have to get used to “Calling the shots”

Calling the Shots

Calling the shots means you have to be in charge of any and everything that goes on with you and the artists you supervise or manage. This means handling money issues, business issues, booking issues and extra add-on’s. When you’re doing a show with you and you group mates or artists take care of money issues first! This is extremely important that you handle this yourself without any outside corporation. Sure your artists may want to be involved in this process, however; if they completely trust you, they will trust you to do the right thing. The reason you can’t allow every artists or groupmate to have their say so is because everything would probably turn out the wrong way. Anytime you have 5 or 6 people communicating about the same issue, there are sure to be different views, you can’t afford that literally when it comes to money issues. If everyone wishes to be paid the same amount and treated fair, it’s up to you to make it that way, you’re in charge!

Being the Big Brother or Sister

If you are the “front person” of your group, it’s up to you to watch out for everyone else that is under you. If you don’t have your group of artists “family tight”, there will be a break in the chain. As long as you treat everyone the same and don’t show favoritism, the group can stand thru any and everything as far as being an unbreakable link. Too often in the music industry, musicians come in as groups but get torn apart due to the politics of the industry. Don’t let this happen to you! If you come in as a group, stay that way! Even if other people in your group want to do solo projects, support them! Offer all the help and assistance you can. One main thing to remember is never put money over your group! If someone wants just you on a project, talk about it with your group and see where they stand on it. This is probably sure to happen, with you being the “front person” of the group; others will want to collaborate with you and only you.


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