How to give a Musical Performance of a Lifetime!

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Even though your music is hot amongst everyone, do you know how to put on a “performance of a lifetime”!? No, this doesn’t mean just simply getting on stage reciting you lyrics that you already know, this mean literally PERFORMING to your best ability.

The Basics

While some musicians stray away from doing live shows due to their “stage fright” limitations, you have to be different! Even if being in front of large crowds frightens you a lot, you can’t show it! To put on a great performance you must block all of the negative thoughts and energy out of your mind. People are like animals, they sense fear! If you are the slightest bit nervous on stage, people will be able to tell. They wont always let you know that they can sense it, however; after your done with your performance, the applauds will tell the whole story. When you watch other musicians perform can you tell the individuals that are nervous and those that aren’t? Yeah, I figured you would be able to, not only due to their body language, but due to their attitude.

Attitude is Everything

Without the right attitude, your stage performance will “suck”, plain and simple! Start off by knowing your material, these mean lyrics, if playing with a live band, make sure they practice and know all of the music material. From there, have the right attitude by getting everyone involved, this means the crowd. Before doing your first song, ask a question to the crowd in relation to the title of your song. Take for instance if the name of your song was called “The Heartbreak”, ask people in the crowd, “how many of you out there have had your heart broken?”. 9 times out of 10 you are sure to get a round of applauds from everyone who can relate to what or who you’re talking about. While performing, don’t just stand in one place, move around the entire stage. Some Live shows have microphones with cords attached to them, in that case, you won’t be able to move around as much, however; make sure you’re at the front of the stage and not the back! For shows that offer wireless microphones, take your show past the limits by moving everywhere on stage and possibly even getting off the stage.

Blood, SWEAT and Tears

What the sign of a good performance? SWEAT! This may sound odd, but if you’re going all out to do your best on stage, the proof will be in the sweat. The proof will be on your shirt, your forehead and possibly even your microphone hand. Give people what they pay for by entertaining by all means, use your imagination. Think of it like this, if you went to see someone perform what would you want to see?


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