How To Diet

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The reason most diets fail is because one can

not go from one style of eating to another 

without dislocation and depression. 

You’ve seen people lose weight then gain it back, 

because the root problem is their relationship 

with food. 

Some people eat when they are depressed. Until 

they stop eating when they are depressed, they 

will always put back the weight they’ve lost. 

Some people find the slightest hunger pang a 

terrifying experience. They will never be 

able to lose weight until they can no longer 

see being hungry as imminent death. 

Some people don’t know when to stop eating. 

If you put a pound of food on their plate, 

they will eat it. 

If they bought smaller plates and took smaller 

portions, their problem would be solved. 

Before you enter a diet, simply understand why 

you are eating. Deal with that problem first. 

Perhaps if you take up a hobby which occupies 

your hands, then when you are upset, you will 

turn to your hobby, not the fridge. 

Perhaps if you accepted hunger pangs, ignored 

them or drank water, setting yourself a time to 

eat and not eating until that time, you would 

be able to overcome your fear of starvation. 

Perhaps if you were capable of dividing the food 

on your plate and saving a portion for tomorrow, 

you would not be the human garbage disposal. 

Changing your relationship to eating is how you 

begin a diet and maintain your new weight. 

The next thing is to go in stages. 

Slowly removing certain things from your diet, such 

as soft drinks. Substitute water. 

Don’t order a soft drink, order water. Break yourself 

into the habit of drinking water. It is good for you, 

good for your body, your complexion, as sodas are not. 

Forget dessert. You don’t need it. You’ve eaten your 

food, you don’t need that cake or candy. 

Take wash outs; that is spend one day a week, at the 

beginning of your diet, detoxing. 

Stop eating on a Friday afternoon, take your ‘wash out’ 

in the evening, spend Saturday visiting the little room, 

while consuming nothing but unsweetened fruit juice. 

On Sunday break your fast with a little 

whole grain cereal followed by light meals. 

When you are dieting, begin each phase with a 

wash out.

Remove items in slow and steady pace, not all at 

once. Beef and Pork and the smartest as both have

a great deal of fat.  By using the Turkey substitutes

to pork you cut calories. 

Cut down on your intake, if you normally have two pieces 

of bread, have one. 

Substitute; If you normally have a cheese burger for 

lunch, have a salad. 

It doesn’t matter what you ate before, eat less of 

it now. You want to shrink your stomach and appetite. 

Once you’ve gotten control of your stomach and 

your relationship to food, then you can embark 

on a diet, knowing you will be successful


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