Kurt Warner 2009 MVP

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Kurt Warner has done the unthinkable he has got the Arizona Cardinals into the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. Everyone though he was a has been two years ago now he is your 2009 NFL MVP. He is near the top of every category from QB rating to touchdowns. His pass completion rate is incredible. Coming into this season he had to fight for the starting job.

Kurt Warner exemplifies the great American story of rising from humble beginnings bagging groceries to Super Bowl Champion and NFL MVP. Then he was done. His glory left in St Louis with those few spectacular years. The Giants passed on him no time. Then to the lowest depths of the league the Arizona Cardinals. Very soon he was replaced by a high draft pick and made to sit again. When he got another chance he proved he deserved to start. Then he was made to fight for the starting job and he won.

No one thought Kurt Warner could be in the Hall of Fame but how many 3 time NFL MVP winners have been excluded? The answer is zero. Congratulations for another miracle season Kurt. Finally we have a great person who is also a great athlete. I think we should all be proud and celebrate the emergence of the Arizona Cardinals and the best QB in the league as they start their great journey to an NFL championship. Go Cardinals!

I would also think that Kurt and his great receiving core will get Pro Bowl invites. I see they did okay with the fans and should do better with the coaches.


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