Being real with yourself

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When you pretend to be someone else, that usually means that you are not happy with yourself. “Why would you want to be someone else?” a person may ask. There are many reasons why a person may not be real with themself or with others. There usually is an underlying problem, such as, low self-esteem. I can think of many good things that can be benefited from being a real person.

Loss of trust ~~

Can you imagine applying for a job, and putting false information on the application, then further down the road, it is discovered that you lied. This would not be good for you because you will most likely be fired. Even if you are not fired, your employer may never trust you again. That is one reason why you should always be real.

False pretense ~~

Sometimes people associate themselves with friends that are at a higher financial status than them. To keep up with them, they have to pretend that they are doing well financially. If your friends cannot accept you for who you are, then you should probably seek, other friends. You should be accepted for who you are, not what you have.

Keeping it real ~~

When you are real with yourself, things happen naturally. You behave in a more natural way because you are not pretending to be who you are not. Love yourself and be happy with who you are. Most relationships suffer because someone was not being real from the beginning. A person can only pretend for a certain amount of time. Eventually the truth will come out, exposing them, so remember to always keep it real.


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