Awesome-looking and Wonderfully Unique Flowers

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Flowers are part of our daily lives. A flower is a symbol of love and a symbol of consolation in time of death. It is

also a symbol of beauty, passion and innocence. Likewise, flowers are use to commemorate events and to honor


1. Hooker Banksia (Banksia hookeriana)

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One of the most intricate and beautiful flower you may have not seen yet before is the Hooker’s Banksia, a shrub

withan amazingly beautiful flower. This wonderful plant lives on sandplain shrubland in Australia.

2. Russell Hybrid Lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus)


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Another ornamental plant with a unique and brightly colored flower is the pretty Russell Hybrid Lupin. The photo

above was taken in a garden in the UK.

3. Scarlet Banksia (Banksia coccinea)


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This article is truly full packed with plants that have uniquely beautiful flowers. Second on the list is the Scarlet

Banksia, an erect shrub native to Australia. Other common names of this species are Waratah Banksia and

Albany Banksia.

4. Blue Eyes Fuchsia (Fuchsia)


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And who will not be captivated with the beauty and brilliantly colored Blue Eyes Fuchsia flowers? This lovely plant

can grow long shoots. It has one of the most flamboyant flowers of Fuchsia, a genus of flowering plants.

5. Baxter’s Banksia (Banksia baxteri)


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Plants that belong to the genus Banksia bear unique and beautiful flowers like the flowers of Baxter’s Banksia. It is

a shrub that occurs along the Western Australia. It is also commonly called Bird’s Nest Banksia.

6. Waratah (Telopea)


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Flowers of the plant called Waratah which is a genus with 5 species are truly captivating. This plant species is

endemic to Australia and Tasmania. Waratah comes from the Eora Aboriginal people, the original inhabitants of

the Sydney area.

7. King Protea (Protea cynaroides)


Image Source

The King Protea (also known as King Sugar Bush, Hineypot and Giant Protea) is a plant with a jaw-dropping

flower. This distinctive plant which is known with large flower head can be found in South Africa.

8. Kodjet (Hakea laurina)


Image Source

This plant native to Australia is definitely unique and is widely cultivated and admired. Other common name for

this plant that bears intricately pretty flowers includes Pincushion Hakea and Emu Bush.

9. Saw Banksia (Banksia)


Image Source

Another Banksia plant with unique flower is the Banksia serrata. This plant is commonly known as Old Man

Banksia, Saw-tooth Banksia and Red Honeysuckle. This plant is endemic to Australia.

10. Cootamundra Wattle (Acacia Baileyana)


Image Source

The formal name of Cootamundra Wattle was name after the botanist Frederick Manson Bailey. This plant that

bears beautiful yellow flowers is endemic to Australia.

10. Kudzu (Pueraria lobata)


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Kudzu is a climbing, coiling and trailing vine with colorful flowers. It is endemic to Japan and China. Its common

name is Japanese. Other common names that it earned include “foot-a-night vine,” “mile-a-minute vine” and “the

vine that ate the South”.

11. Yellow Lupin (Lupinus luteus)


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The bright and shining Yellow Lupin which is also commonly called European Yellow Lupine is an herb. It cures

urinary problems, worm infections and is use as a diuretic.

12. Agave chiapencis


Image Source

This medium-sized species of the genus Agave that bears attractive flower has spreading rosettes of light green

leaves that are variable but tend toward the ovate and have closely spaced small teeth.

13. Bulbinella triquetra


Image Source

This fantastically shaped and attractive yellow flower belongs to Bulbinella triquetra. This plant grows on damp

sand and granite and flowers in spring. It is native to South Africa.

14. Teasel Banksia (Banksia puchella)


Image Source

This unusual shape of a flower belongs to the Teasel Banksia, a species of small shrub that can be found in


15. Powderpuff (Calliandra Emarginata)


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Powderpuff plant is a sun-loving shrub that is a prolific bloomer of crimson red flowers as soft as powderpuff,

hence its common name. These plants flower all year round, but the best blooming is in spring and summer.

Other common names are Powder Puff Plant and Fairy Duster.

16. Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia uvaria)


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The Red Hot Poker plant has unique flowers because of the shape and color of its inflorescence. The leaves are

reminiscent of a lily, and the flowerhead can reach up to 5 feet in height. The flowers are red, orange, and yellow.

It is also known as Tritoma or Torch Lily.

17. Desert Agave (Agave deserti)


Image Source

Desert plants have also beautiful and peculiar flowers like the Desert Agave. It is native to desert regions of

California, Arizona and Baja California. Its other common names are Mescal, Century Plant and Maguey. Its tall

yellow flower stalks dot dry rocky slopes and washes throughout the spring.

18. Indian Beet (Lupinus perrenis)


Image Source

The Indian Beet Plant that bears beautiful flowers is widely distributed in the eastern part of the US. Old Maid’s

Bonnets and Sundial Lupine are other common names for this medicinal plant.

19. Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera)


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The unique Bee Orchid of the Mediterranean can be found growing on semi-dry turf, on limestone, calcareous

dunes or in open areas in woodland. They are unusual in that in some years they appear in great numbers then

sometimes only reappear after an absence of many years.

20. Passion Vine (Passiflora)


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The fascinating and passionate Passion Vine is a popular plant with gardeners due to its intricate, scented flowers

that have an almost plastic-looking appearance. It is also called Passion Flower and it has about 500 species.

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