How to Make An International phone call abroad?

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This is a time of season when a lot of people want to call abroad to share greeting for past as well as new year.  Yet, sometimes you will find yourself quite embarrassing when you try to make an international phone call, but you don’t know how to or people around you have no idea at all. You know most people could not tell you how to make an International Call. This article is for those folks out there that probably don’t make a lot of international calls on a regular basis, but might want to know how.

 1. You need to enter International Call Prefix. The code is different for each Country where you reside and you are calling from.  If you are in US, the code is 011.

2. The next numbers will be the Country Code you are calling.  This digit will be between 1 and 3 numbers, mostly 2 digits.  For instance, France is 33, and China is 86.

3. Next one is city codes. Again this number can be between 1 to 3 digets and narrows you call down to specific regions in the country your calling.  Shanghai is 21, and Sao Paulo, Brazil is 11.

4. As a last step, you need to dial the local number and you are finished.


Step 1: Dial International Call Prefix

Step 2: Dial Country Code

Step 3: Dial City Code (area code)

Step 4: Dial Local Number


From US to

-> Shanghai, China:  011-86-21-62538777

->  Sao Paulo, Brazil: 011-55-11-2345678

->  Aix en Provence, France: 011-33-4-42381111

Save Money when making an International Call

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