How to use Train and Subway system in London, U.K.?

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Are you planning to visit London for family trip this season?  Are you well-prepared for moving around areas in city London?   If you research a little bit before the trip, you will save a lot of time and enjoy your trip.

London has very sophisticated train and subway systems.  You can get to virtually everywhere in London and suburbs in U.K. using Train system. 

Yet, you need to have a basic knowledge in order to enjoy traveling train.

  1. Get Train Map at one of Train station in London.   Or, you can get a copy by visiting www.
  2. Once you are in, click High-Frequency-service map. 
  3. Remember there are different kinds of train: Underground, Overground, DLR, Trams, National Rail and Interchanges. 
  4. Let’s say you are staying in one of the hotels in downtown, Strand Palace Hotel, Strand Street, or Travel Lodge in Covent Garden. 
  5. One example would be that you want to go from Strand Palace Hotel to Gatwick airport.
  6. First, you can take a bus to get to the Victoria Station.  Victoria Station is a very big station, and you can find any trains that go to almost everywhere.  Bus fair is around 2 pounds.  By the way, you can purchase bus ticket and Train/Railway ticket at the Hotel Concierge.  Train/Rail ticket to Gatwick airport would be around 16 pounds.
  7. Since Victoria station is huge, you may need to ask for direction of which platform you need to take to get on board the Railway to airport.  The train to airport is over ground, and it is called National Rail.  It takes around 45 minutes to get to Gatwick airport.  Please don’t hesitate to ask question when you are in doubt.
  8. Another example. If you are staying in Covent Garden and want to go to the Gatwick airport, you can take a train at Covent Garden of Piccadilly line. 
  9. Get off at Green Park station and switch to Victoria line heading to Victoria station. 
  10. Please note that all different lines of London train system are color coded.  For instance, Victoria line is blue color coded.  The Victoria line is described with two ends: one end is Walthamstow Central, and the other end is Brixton.  In this way, you can tell which direction of train you have to take. 
  11. Again, remember the color code of train line, and both two ends of train line for the correct direction.  When you understand this system, you will find out all of sudden that you already become a comfortable Londoner. 

Enjoy travel!!


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