Writing a Thank You Letter

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1A thank-you letter should be sincere, expressing appreciation without excessive flattery. Clearly state what the thank-you is for.   It doesn’t have to be very long.

Always use 8.5 x 11 paper.    If you can’t type it, a hand-written letter will be just fine.  In the left hand margin type the person or business name. Tab 6 times and put in the date. Hit enter twice or go down two lines. 3 Start with Dear Mr. or Mrs. (name). Again, go down two lines. Space twice and start typing. SAMPLE body text: Thank you for the materials you sent with your letter of September 25. The samples will be helpful. Thank you for the brochure Trees Are Forever. It contains exactly what I need for a speech I am preparing. Thank you for your interest in our Plain English Multicover Policy. I am pleased to enclose an information kit for your review. 4 When finished with the body of the letter, again go down two lines, tab 6 times and put Sincerely or Cordially with a comma after it. Sign your name under it. 5 Go down two lines and put your name, go down one line and put your address. 6 Address the envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it. It’s really not that hard.  The more you do the better you become at knowing exactly what to say.  And it will get easier and easier. I always feel better when I send a thank-you.



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