How To Break Up Without Fighting

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Ending a relationship is always stressful, but handling the break up in the proper way is essential to maintaining an amicable relationship with your partner. It is possible to end a relationship without fighting if you keep your cool and follow a few easy steps.

  1. Before you begin talking to your partner about ending the relationship, sit down and make a list of all the positive and negative aspects of your relationship. Narrow it down to the top five most important ones on each side, so that you will have a clear idea of both the good and bad points of the relationship. 
  2. Approach your partner at a time when both of you are calm. Don’t try to talk to him the moment he walks in the door from work. Choose a time when you are both in a quiet state of mind. You might want to choose a public place to talk, such as a restaurant, so that your partner will be less likely to make a dramatic scene.
  3. Begin talking to your partner by telling him about how you have appreciated some of the positive aspects of the relationship, using examples from your list.
  4. Move on to the negative aspects and tell him that you think it’s time that you end the relationship. Remind your partner that you want him to be happy and moving on is the only way to make that happen because right now, both of you are making each other miserable.
  5. Listen to what your significant other has to say. Make sure that you listen to any arguments that he may have before you make it final. After he is finished talking, tell him that you are glad you had the opportunity to be with him and that you hope you will both grow from the experience.

Remember to always be honest and to the point.  Do not go back and re-hash every negative thing that your partner has ever done.  Keep your discussion calm and simple and you will have a better chance at breaking up withouth a fight.


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