How to love your self in a bad relationship

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Let me talk to you am going to become the girlfreind you never had. Being in a bad relationship is the a hardest thing to deal with you can’t eat you feel like you can’t live but you can and am going to tell you how to do that. Your self esteem is lowering as you read this stop it now step backwards who where you born with my friend yourself your damn right!! So make yourself happy learn how to tune out important people and there negative actions.

Self improvement is the key to success  my friend, self improvement doesn’t have to be money it within yourself do something that you’ve  been wanting to do forever like taking a class, finishing school , taking dance  , losing that extra weight, reading sprituial words, taking that bubble bath,and taking a trip to see you family what ever makes you happy the key word is what makes you .These are thing you can do by yourself not with your partner your self don’t even ask him. people often get into relationships and don’t every get a chance to meet there own needs and take time for there self. While your stressing that person is making them self happy by cheating , putting you down  and he knows you need him you don’t.  can you imagine how it feels to be needed now go  make your self needed  your self is waiting. And then you will have out grown  him you will see and a good women will be ready for a prince to rescue her. 2009 do it girl friend speak to you later!!!


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