Illinois Should Just Nominate Federal Inmates for Governor

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The dark days of Illinois politics are here again. Odds are if you are elected governor of Illinois you will be going to federal prison. Are we surprised? I think not. Even Richard Nixon could not overcome the Chicago Machine. When someone comes up through this back dealing and money grabbing mentality you best be on your guard.

The governor will likely be in the federal pen soon maybe he could share a bunk with another great Illinois Gov alum. The big question we should have now is how far will this scandal reach. Will Jesse Jackson Jr. be knocked out of congress? Will someone in President Obama’s staff be found to be guilty in this scheme. Will President Obama show that he has unquestionable integrity?

I hope this Senate seat for sale scandal will lay the foundation for cleaning up chicago politics. I think unions and politicians and deal making have their place. I would hope we are strong enough and moral enough to maintain a small amount of integrity in the running of government. One good thing to come from this is the statement that even a sitting Governor is not above the law. I hope that even those politicians who are not honest are at least scared by the potential consequences of their actions.

I hope one day we will figure out that if we stay with the same two party system we will just keep getting the same results. Why do we do the same things over and over again expecting different results? If we can break out of this insanity maybe we could find some quality people that would be of great service to the nation.


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