How to Download Music From Myspace

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How to Download Music From Myspace

Here are the steps to show you how to download music from myspace:

  1. Open in a window.

  2. Open in another window, click on “music” and type in the band or artist name you are looking for.  When you find the song you want, CLICK ON THE NAME OF THE PROFILE, it is underneath the name of the song.

  3. A new window will open up.  Copy the address of the myspace profile that is listed at the top of your browser.

  4. Open the File2hd window. Paste the address in the URL line. Click “I accept”, click AUDIO and then click GET FILES

  5. A list of songs will appear. Click on the song you want. (New Player) Streaming Songs usually download. Haven’t had much luck with the others.

  6. A new window will open that says “Open” or “Save”… click “Save”… it will open up a new mini-window. The file name will be an insanely long string of numbers and letters. Erase it, and type in the name of the song. Click “Ok.”

  7. If the song downloads really fast, almost instantly, it didn’t work that time. So just click on the link on File2hd again, repeat the steps, and name the song exactly the same as your first attempt,  and click ok again. It will eventually download, slowly, “dial-up” speed. If any part of the song downloads really quickly/instantly it didnt work, so redo it.
  8. Once it’s done downloading properly, the MP3 is on your hard drive!  Enjoy!

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