Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life – Making a Decision

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Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life

Today we are going to discuss two types of insurance policies; term life insurance and whole life insurance. In order to make an educated decision, it is important to take into consideration the special aspects of each type of insurance.

Term Life Insurance – Term life is the cheapest life insurance available on the market.It is basic and easy to understand. Term life policies cover an individual for a specific amount of time. Term life insurance policies typically make one payment to your beneficiary upon your death. The monthly premiums are extremely low, when compared to other forms of life insurance. Individuals typically purchase term life insurance to cover the financial obligations of their families. If you pay most of the monthly bills, and should happen to die or get critically ill, how would your family continue to live the lifestyle that they are accustomed to living. What most people do not like about term life insurance is the fact that there is only a monetary benefit if you die during the policy period. If you do not, then neither you, nor your beneficiary, receive any form of monetary compensation.

Understand Whole Life Insurance – Whole life insurance policies provide monetary coverage for your entire life. As long as you continue to pay the life insurance premiums, you are covered. Typically, whole life insurance policies have a savings feature built into them. This Cash Surrender Value, or CSV, can be viewed as a return of a portion of your premium. Since the policy holder is guaranteed to receive some form of benefit from the underwriting company, whole life insurances premiums are substantially more expensive than the premiums for term life insurance policies.

Get a Free Online Life Insurance Quote – Not sure if you can afford life insurance? Having a difficult time making the choice between term life insurance vs whole life ? Getting a free online life insurance quote can be one of the smartest things you can do. These online tools walk you easily through the choices that you need to make.

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