Achieve Personal Success

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1.  Money – given it intrinsic values it truly is a catalyst for change (good or bad). Therefore your view on money has got to be realistic. If you feel that you have to “chase dollars” then you will forever be in the “race”. On the other hand if you feel worthy and set your life/mind accordingly you will find that the chase is not necessary – in fact if you learn to relax when it comes to making money you will find that what is yours will always be there waiting for you to claim. In sum, set your priorities and make it a rule to not “chase” after things. Chasing implies a struggle – something that true personal success does not share the same bed with.

2. Forgiveness. When we learn to forgive in a free manner it sets the stage for the next great act in our life. Learning to forgive can be difficult yet not impossible. When you realize how much time in your life is wasted holding on to bad thoughts and trespasses it can really lead you to the path of awareness that life is too short to hold onto the negative. When we forgive freely it makes us lighter in so many ways. Learn to let go because the more negativity you hold onto the bigger your bag will be. Eventually that bag will weigh you down and hold you back from true personal success. Nobody likes a heavy. Let go.

3. Be Nicer. Learn to give in order to have that path of receipt ready. Those who give freely (within their means of course) do not suffer loss, in fact they experience the gain of giving. When you give from the heart you are exercising that heart muscle making it stronger and healthier. Give and  smile.

4. Have Standards. Whether spiritual or self set standards are quite important in the journey to self success. Standards provide structure and safety. Follow your standards both spiritually and personally – you will be amazed at how easier life can be with these standards met.

5. Show Upbuilding Love. This type pf love is pure and unselfish. It is the kind of love that fosters relationships of all kinds (personal, professional, civil) and allows you to share something greater than the ability to give on the physical. Upbuilding love allows you to give encouragement, safety, care, expectations and truth. Give and show love like it’s going out of style – you’ll be happy that you did.

6. Be Aware of the Things You Need. We all need things, we all want things and being aware of these facts help us to understand that life is better shared when we are in receipt of our basic needs. Be aware of what you need and set forth to achieve those necessities. Life is better than you can imagine – given you have the average imagination! Seek your spiritual guidance and follow those standards as well. Best Wishes on your Journey to Personal Success.

*  This is just a road map to personal success
*  Everyone’s definition of personal success is unique – that’s what makes this journey so beautiful and full of surprises
*  Enjoy your life and don’t forget to take the time to continue building the Love you have for yourself.


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