Keep resentment out of your life

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 Now we all no that resentment causes stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole host of other problems. A wise person once told me that resentment for me was like drinking a cup of poison and waiting on the one I’m mad at to die. This is so very true for me so I try not to get in that type of situation.

 You really have to be willing to do this or it will not work. It takes forgiveness and a very open mind. Step one: Before you go to bed, drop to your knees and pray that your God gives this person your mad at eveything both you would ever want out of life. If you dont mean it at first dont worry, you should before your through.

 Step two: Now this is a tuffy, repeat step one as soon as you awaken in the morning. This may seem redundant but when you begin to really mean it your resentment should leave you. If it does not just keep on with your prayer, I know it sounds crazy but it will work for you if it will work for me.

 Repeat steps one and two for two weeks. If you are not rid of your resentment then you need some work finding out and accepting that you probably played a part in the situation. So if your having resentment problems try this out. If it does not work do not get resentful towards me because I’m just trying to help you out… Chris


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