Make your kitchen beautiful with a new tile backsplash

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  Here are some tools you will need for this job:

Tile saw or scribe

Speed square


Grooved towel 1/8″

Gum rubber grout float

Sponge and two buckets

3′ level or straight edge

Chalk line for long scribes

Measuring tape

Pencil or wax marker

If you can a Roto-zip tool with masonary blade

Tile nippers

Your tile of course(preferably ceramic mats for a backsplash)

Spacers for a large grout joint(not reccomended)

Step 1: Measure squarefootage of wallspace,buy materials. Measure from your countertop to your cabinet, you will want to scribe a straight line across oven opening if it’s not an in counter cooktop. Then measure length of wall between cabinets and countertop. Multiply those two measurements and that will give you squarefootage. Pick out your tile and grout(preferably 4×4 ceramic with non-sanded grout) at your local flooring or home store and give them measurements, they will help you with amount of material needed. Tell them it is for a backsplash and be sure you get mastic for your base.

 Step 2: When you get home clean wall area with soapy water, let dry then sand any burrs off wall. Scribe a straight line 1/16 inch above you countertop(if you make a larger grout joint which I dont recommend thats where you want to make starting line). Using speed square and straight edge To mark boundries. measure wall space in that run and see how many tile you will need. If you have to cut be sure and figure your cuts to equal out on both sides. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD YOUR GROUT JOINTS WHILE FIGURING TILES!!! Use your grooved trowel to spread mastic in approximately 1’x1′ increments, definately enough to spread underneath whole tile or mat. Lay tile, it is very important to start square, hence the lines you popped or scribed before you started. If you are going to add a mosaic mat be sure and mark it out while performing layout. Once you have got your tile on the walls let mastic cure for at least 18 hours or whatever is reccomended on packaging.

 Step 3: Next day, when tile is set, clean well with soap and water. You may have to scrape mastic off if you were messy like me and got it on top of tile. When you are done with this step mix your grout(preferably non-sanded unless you have 1/8″ or larger grout joint) to a paste and not a soup. Take your gum rubber grout float and mash grout fully into joints. With a wet sponge lightly clean grout off top of tile about every 5′ or whenever you feel comfortable doing so to keep from working yourself to death when finished. When you are done let grout dry for at least a few hours and you will notice a haze on your tile. They sell cleaners for this but a clean sponge with clean water works very well with a little elbow grease. Voila, you have gotta new backsplash and you did not pay a grand or more to get it…WOW!!!


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