Learning to break bad habits

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Bad habits are hard to break, especially if you had them for a long time. Sometimes people develop bad habits from a young age, causing it to be more difficult to break. Whether you develop the bad habits from a young age or during your adult age, getting rid of them is going to take some time and patience.

Recognition and acceptance ~~

The first step in getting rid of your bad habit, is to recognize that you have a problem. After you recognize the problem, you have to admit to yourself that you need help. Make a list of habits that you feel are not good ones. Start with one problem first and then move on to the others. Of course you may only have one bad habit that you want to break. Slow and easy does the trick, in  breaking bad habits.

The causes ~~

Ask yourself if there is something that triggers your bad habits. Sometimes when we do something it is because we get comfort in some sort of way from doing it, for example, we may be nervous about something, etc. At first you may not even notice that you have a bad habit, until someone tells you that you have one. Make a note to yourself both mentally and written, this will help you to remember that you have a bad habit, and remind you that you need to keep working on it.

Perseverance ~~

You may get frustrated sometimes, but don’t give up. Bad habits can be changed, into good habits. This will take time to happen. During this time, be sure to get as much help as possible from your friends and family members. The support can help to speed things up. You don’t have to live with your bad habits for the rest of your life, you can make a change, starting right now.


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