How to Know What a ‘bad Home Life’ Is When You See It

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A ‘bad home life’is one that is not focused on the family. It does not matter how much money a family does or does not have, what really matters is how much love is given and spread around through the family. Virtues, family values, a proper belief system, and knowing between right and wrong is imperative in a good home life. I came from a really bad home life, one filled with mental abuse, mental anguish, sexual abuse, physical beatings, guilt trips, so on and so on. Luckily, I am pretty sane with years of therapy and a great person because I pushed through it and want to be. However, not everyone would be so blessed.

A bad home life is one that has drugs, that lacks real laughter, that feeds off of fear and teaches intimidation and guilt to children as a way of raising them. A bad home life is one that from the time children are small through the time they are ready to be on their own teaches them that they really don’t want to be there, which in turn makes the children not want to be there either. A good home is a place where children know they can go and feel safe going. A bad home is where they feel like they are having to escape from.

A bad home life consists of abuse in the form of yelling, constant mental abuse, name calling, physical abuse, gambling, sexual abuse, drug use, alcoholism and any other form of abuse that is focused on the habit and never on the family. When the child always feels guilty and like they are having to pull their parents away from something to ask something simple, like for help with their homework or to sign a permission slip for school, that is a bad home life.

A bad home life is when a child can run the streets until 10 at night or be gone for days and no one at home even notices. A bad home life is when the parents make the children take jobs or turn the kids out for money just so they can take the money for their own filthy habits. There are many bad homes across this country and many great empty homes that are empty and would love to take in the children that need and want real love and attention.

A bad home life is when the children are not the focus of attention and the only attention that is ever spent on them is to make them feel guilty for spending time with them or to use them for an ulterior motive. Too many parents, much like the adoptive ones I had spend their time focused on their own selfish needs on not on the needs of the family and the children who are innocent and just need to be taught how to be productive loving children so that they can be productive, loving adults.


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