What Does a Man Really Want

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Many articles are written about what a woman wants, how to please a woman, how to make her love you, and so on, but what about us guys, what do we want in a relationship. I can safely say that men can be serious in their desires as well as women and even though a lot of emphasis is put on men and sex, I think that what we truly desire is someone to love and to be beloved. Samuel Taylor Coleridge said, “To be beloved is all I need, and who I love I love indeed.” Unfortunately he said this out of his depths of despair at being stuck in a loveless marriage, but there are simple things that women can do for their man that will ensure his undying devotion, and it doesn’t always come down to sex.


Show discretion as the better part. Tenderness is something men will do quite easily when they are alone with their woman, but we men are notoriously shy about being all lovey-dovey in front of our buddies. So if your man doesn’t want to hold hands with you at the game, don’t fret it, just wait till you get home, he will make up for the slight lack of contact.


Sniggle with him now and again. This is a word that my wife made up. It is a small hug mixed with a snuggle. It can be done face to face or spoon fashion, as long as there is lots of snuggling.


Mother him. Men love their mothers, so if you do for him what his mother did, then he will definitely be yours for life, especially if he has lived alone for any length of time. He was used to dropping his clothes wherever and on the weekend picking them all up and doing the laundry. Having his beloved wife doing the laundry, even if he shares the duties will go a long way to warming the cockles of his heart.


Leave him be. Just as women need alone time, so do men. Guys sometimes just need their alone time to talk to other guys or to just be alone to contemplate stuff, career, job, house, life, navel and so on. You will learn to recognize this time and just give him room as he will hopefully come to recognize your need for a quiet time as well.


Appreciate him. I didn’t think this was important but I have learned differently. I love it when my wife tells me how good I am at something, not that I am particularly good at it but that she shows me her appreciation for whenever I try to do things that will improve our lot in life.


You won’t change him. I have heard many women who have rejected the ‘nice’ guy to go and marry the ‘handsome’ guy who was rough and tough and beat them thinking that once married they could change and mold him into a perfect husband. Lose this notion, there are only two people who can change a person, themselves and God. But God will not infringe on a man’s freedom of choice so ultimately it’s only themselves, and you can pray that God will show him the error of his ways, and he himself changes.


Ask him to do things for you. Men love being needed. Ask him to do things for you that you know he will enjoy doing anyway. For instance, if he likes working in the yard, agree when he wants to buy a ride on mower, show interest in it and expect to ride it as well. He will love you all the more for being a girl who likes to get her hands dirty.


Be sensual. Men love a woman who enjoys being with him, and who shows him what his presence means to her. Again this is in private so don’t go giving him a hickey in public, or in front of his buddies.


Allow him sport. Most men like to watch sports, so maybe you should give him some space when he wants to watch his game. You don’t have to get excited about the game but knowing a bit about it might help. The considerate man should not go overboard with his sport watching though, and if he tends to watch every sport and every game on tv then you can protest.


Finally, in the bedroom try and keep it natural. Don’t put too much pressure on him to perform and let the moment come upon the both of you as it will.  On the other hand you could take the lead sometimes and be assertive in the love making. It is heartening for a guy sometimes for him not to worry about advances.

 These pointers are done from a subjective point of view with regard to some of the things that I like and I hope that readers can get some good ideas from them. Of course each person is unique so feel free to customize each point to suit yourself.


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