Simple How to Guide on How to Save on Christmas Gifts

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How to Save on Christmas Gifts

Christmas is one of the most expensive occasions of the entire year. Christmas decors, gift wrapping, gift giving, and Christmas meals are the ones that all of us spend for during the Christmas season. However, we do not need to constantly spend excessively, especially with the present global financial crisis. We can save and spend our savings on other relevant expenses. Let me give you some tips on how to save on Christmas gifts.

Spend only cash

It is advisable to use cash and not credit cards when buying gifts this Christmas season. This will make you stay away from impulsive buying and will help you buy the things that you only need. In addition, this will also avoid you from debt and the torture of receiving your credit card bill statement with a lot of payables on the first month of the following year.

Buy on Sale

When buying gifts at the mall, buy when it is on sale, because that’s when you can get the same items that you want at a lower price plus you can also get high quality items at a cheaper price.

Buy in Bulk

Choose items that you can get discounts if you buy in bulk. This will also help you from ideas to what other kind of gifts you’ll give to your other friends.

Give personalized gifts

You can also give something that is filled with your own effort. Like baking a cake, cookies, and other pastries. You can also cook pasta and other traditional Christmas foods and give it as a gift. That is more practical and yet touching. Just be sure that you’ll make it delectably.

Give something from the backyard

If you have a backyard that blossoms with flowers, springs fruits and vegetables, they could also be sent as gifts. A simple flower arrangement or fruits and vegetables arrangement in an attractive box or basket will do. If you also breed small animals, that could also be a gift to the children.

Save on Christmas wrappers

You can also save on Christmas wrappers by just using glossy and attractive pages of the magazines. You can also recycle some not so old Christmas wrappers that you carefully take off from the previous Christmas gifts that you received.

Talents as gifts

If you are artistic like in painting or drawing you can also give it as a gift, not just during Christmas season. I remember one of my classmates who gave me a drawing of myself, a self portrait of me. I still smile whenever I see it because I look better in that drawing compared to my picture where she copied it from.

Remember that a gift should not be very expensive. It is still the thought that counts.


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