The New Facebook with the Same Old Face

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About a month ago we all got a message from Facebook saying we have to say goodbye to the old design and say hello to the new one. No one asked us if we like it or not, Facebook made the decision for all of us.

Facebook forgot one thing: the internet is all about freedom of expression and the freedom to choose. If you take it from us well, we may go and look our freedom some where else, maybe in another social network. for all of you who want to choose here is a simple guide to help you get back to the old and lovable Facebook design:

First step: add this Facebook application (Its called the Facebook Developers application)
Second step : close the Go to applications page.
Third step: signout from your Facebook account
Last step: login to Facebook from this link.

If you follow all these steps correctly you will be able to see you old Facebook design.

I don’t know how long you will be able to do it; the rumor said it a matter of time till Facebook will shut it down, in the meantime you can enjoy the old Facebook

You can also join these groups who call Facebook to lets us the users the option to choose ourselves:
5,000,000 people who want the option “Back to the old Facebook” and “Please Keep the Old Facebook. The New Version is A Disaster”, you can join these two groups and maybe help to make the change.


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