What I Learned as a Work at Home Mom

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I am a mom to three girls and they mean the world to me. Sometimes they make me mad but got to take the bad in with the good, right? Since I am a mom myself, I thought to write about it and tell you my experiences so far. Each one of them have their own personality. My first one is sensitive and kind. My second one is a bossy and sassy but loveable too. My third one for the moment is a mama’s girl. My first two love their baby sister so much that it seem like they are hardly jealous of her because they get some of the attention from me still. I do sometimes feel bad that I don’t give enough to my oldest since I give more to my last two child.I believe in balance and as hard as we all try to do this, it never seem to work out. It’s great if there is someone there to help you along the way but some of us aren’t so lucky. But there are ways to getting around to it. I’ll give you some ideas on here where even though it’s impossible to balance everything, just take some of these tips to heart on being able to help you with your life as a mom.*
Since I am a work at home mom, I try to find the time when I can work on what I needed to using my laptop. There is one of the many places I found that I can make money working on there. Despite that you get paid per pieces between $1-$10, it’s better than nothing and the place doesn’t pay passive income. I use the free time that I have working on here to earn myself money as well as other places online.* Let everyone know when you are working and don’t let anyone take advantage of you if you are working at home yourself. Let them know that you are serious and you want everyone’s help on something. If you have kids that are old enough to do their own chores, have them do it and they should be able to help out. Your significant other should help you too with the kids. That’s what partnership is. If one is not willing to help, how is the relationship going to work?* Take advantage of some free time of yours to play and go do stuff with your kids. Sometimes you need a break from what you are working on and ideas will come to you if you are trying to think of some for work. And it’s better for your soul at the same time. Don’t bother watching tv since it can rob you of your time that you can spend learning from books, internet, whatever.*If you can’t afford to have your own home office, I would say start off with having your own laptop and internet connection. Desktop computers are a drag and very heavy plus not portable to work on whatever you need to do. When you make more than enough, invest some of the money on getting a desktop computer and decide what room will be a home office for you. It’s not a good idea to have a home office in your bedroom since it can disrupt your sleep. But make it where if you have to, have a little desk for the little ones to work on so then you can concentrate on what you need to do.

* Have more than one sources of making income in case one doesn’t always work. Got to always have a backup plan no matter what. Freelance writing have always been my passion and I have taken the liberty to do something now and will be combining that with translation. Combine what you know how to do with something to maximize the potential to increase your earning.

* If you are in the PTA, take advantage to let everyone know and any other groups that you are in. The more people you know, the better chances that you can also help some other moms that might want to do what you are doing when it comes to making money at home. Endless possibilities there. I hope that you will take all of these wisdom with you to do something about it. Take action to improve your life as well as being able to help your family.


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