A Mothers How To Guide for Online College

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Colleges are very important to consider especially if you need something to fall back on. For example, I’m a mom of three girls so going back to college is great since it’s something to be proud of. Being a busy stay at home mom only give us some options in life and the best way in most of the time is online especially if you have very young kids to take care of. Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to online colleges:

The schools have to be accredited which means that they did take the strict standard test proving that it’s a legit school. If the school has been around for more than 5 years, it’s a good sign. Schools open and closes all the time. For example, while I was pregnant with my second child, I went to an accredited school which I did enjoy seeing my teachers and classmates. I graduated and got my certification of “microcomputer applications” before she was born. Fast forward to late 2007. Got the papers stating that school is closing due to the owner filing bankruptcy. It’s still going on where the owner of the school keeps pushing the court date further and further it seem. Despite that incident, it doesn’t usually happen that way. But the thing was, this school was where I had to be at the campus and not done at home.

if you’re working part time and/or full time, find the time where you know for sure that you would be able to do the schoolwork at home. It takes dedication, persistence, and patience to pass and at first, it should take at least 10-15 hours a week. I’m happy to say that I will be starting school on October 13, 2008 of online college course for “Business Management.” This course will help me tremendously with my home based business after I pass. Do the orientation and participate each week and you should do fine.
If you’re hoping to get some encouragement to go to school by doing it online, some people are not meant to take one which depends what kind of person you are. Do you and are you willing to invest each week for 10-15 hours to study and participate in your schoolwork at home and not get distractions when you really need to? This is only when you are starting out. Do you like to socialize online as well? If you do, then it’s great where you would be able to do teamwork kind of work. It earns you lots of points for teamwork in order to pass for sure. Communicate with each other when you can no matter what the situation/problem may arise. Without any notification, you would be dropped out of school online and you’re force to pay back what you applied for loans.

Get organize by doing all of the paperwork that was necessary like the financial area in order to help you fund for it where most of it is by student loans. Even with student loans, you would have to pay some out of pocket money. If you would like to find ways where you would be able to earn some money online to help you fund for it each month, check out my other article in the near future. This could mean a lot to any college students too


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