Free or Low Costs Ways of Learning Mandarin Chinese

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Mandarin Chinese have been widely known all around the world. Anybody can take classes of it whether it’s online or offline. There are free or low costs ways I suggest on learning mandarin chinese.

Talk to the people that are a native or fluent speaker of chinese and ask them to teach you.

Since there are more people that do speak it, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they could help you with it. Let them know why you are interested in learning it and they will appreciate you even more. For business, getting friends or even for job purposes are some of the ways and reasons why to network with native and fluent speakers. They would be more than happy to help someone who is interested in the language. For all they know, sooner or later, you might even like the culture and the heritage.

Listen to chinese music and when can, watch chinese videos of music videos and/or movies spoken in mandarin chinese.

Despite what some people assume, all of the songs that are right now are songs that was sung in the old style like my parents age or Ming Dynasty period. In fact, there are songs that are pretty hip and cool to listen to. Like for example, Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Joey Yung, Vanness Wu, Coco Lee, etc. They’re the updated and cool singers in my age group. Or at least close to it. As for movies, there are some pretty good chinese movies but as one of my chinese cousins told me though. She is not into chinese movies even though she is fluent in Cantonese dialect. Music videos for songs you like are like MTV style but it’s in chinese obviously.

Websites that teaches for free online.

There are lots of sites that I found that teaches mandarin chinese for free. Some do charge you where you customize it the way you want it to for business, school, etc. Whatever route you chose should be where you learn it by listening, watching, and doing it to learn chinese of reading, speaking, and/or write chinese.

Free at middle and high schools
This one is a very good idea if you have kids that are either in middle or called junior high in some United States schools or high school. They teach on reading, writing and speaking mandarin so have them learn it as well but if you are in middle school or in high school in the United States, take advantage of it. No matter where you are located, make sure they do all three of those things. If you’re planning to get into translation in the chinese and english fields, this would be a good idea to dip into

Books with audio cds to listen to and/or dvds with videos and with vocabulary learning are perfect.

Books with audio cds and/or dvds are great since not everyone can attend at their local college whether it’s at a community college or some university. I personally have my own book with cassette tape set for mandarin and cantonese chinese. They’re pretty cheap to purchase at bookstores that have books in that language to learn.

There you go folks. I hope that you will do one or two or all of the ideas that I mentioned. Learning mandarin chinese also help a lot if you do plan to travel to china someday.


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