How to Succeed in Life

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These are all quotes that I learned from people that I came across in my life. They came from different social status, educational backgrounds, beliefs, and they speak different languages. 

Be grateful to your parents, teachers and to all people surround you,

Never do things that disappoint them.

A love with conditions attached would last no longer,

Only pure and true love will last longer.

Life is uncertaint as it exists within a moment of a breath.

Life ends when the breathing stops.

Therefore, we should appreciate every second we are having.

One who is content with his life will feel blessing even he may have to sleep on the grass.

In contrary, one who is discontent with his life will never enjoy happiness even he is in the heaven.

To forgive someone is to be blessed;

The more we forgive,

The more we are blessed.

When you do good deeds, do not expect for any returns or rewards;

When people did good deeds, praise them with your sincere heart;

When you are benefited from others,

Remember to feel grateful and blessing.

Every day, I am obliged to say good words;

Every day, I praise others who did right things;

Every day, I do things that benefit others;

And finally I retain good heart every day.

Words those are good to hear,

Are usually not good words indeed;

Words those are bad to hear,

Not all bad words at all.

We may come from different background, education, religion and color,

But we all have a common interest to dwell in peace, healthy and happily.


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