Rules for Bodyfat Loss

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Rules for Bodyfat Loss

Never Skip Meals — when you skip meals your metabolism (the rate you burn fat and calories) drops.  Next time you eat, you won’t burn all the calories and your body will start to pack the extra calories on as fat.  Also, be sure to eat breakfast first thing in the day to kick-start your metabolism and give you energy for the day.

Avoid Sugar — This is one of the most important rules for bodyfat loss!  Sugar messes with your blood-sugar levels.  This causes your body to dump enzymes into your blood, and those enzymes end up robbing you of energy and setting your body into fat-storing mode…and it makes you feel hungry.  Use artificial sweetners, stay away from sweets, stay away from processed white breads and starches, and pay attention to the sugar content of the foods you buy.  Low-sugar is more important than Low-fat for fat loss.

Never Eat Before You Sleep — your metabolism slows down when you sleep.  If you eat within 3 hours of sleeping, the calories in your meal will begin to be stored as fat on your body.  If you absolutely have to eat before going to bed, make the meal higher in fat and protein, and cut down on the carbohydrates.

Build Muscle — lift weights, do pushups, do squats… any exercises that build muscle will help you burn fat.  Muscle consumes a lot of calories.  If you build muscle you will be burning more fat at all times of the day… even while you sleep.

More information about rules for bodyfat loss that WILL work — if you stick to them!


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