How to Start a Blog in Less than 60 Minutes

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Step One: Get Hosting Space. The first thing you need to start a blog is web space to do it in. Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in buying hosting space from a site like BlueHost or GoDaddy, or may prefer to use a pre-made and free blogging service like Blogger. Just keep in mind that if you want a distinctive URL, like “” you will probably need to invest in web space, since sites that provide free blogs often use their own URLS (it would be like, or

Step Two: Pick a Title. You want your blog title to be informative, unique, and interesting, regardless of if the blog is for personal or professional needs. Joe’s Blog is a bit dull and uninteresting – try spicing it up to Joe’s Lost Thoughts, or Woodwork by Joe (depending on Joe’s interests!).

Step Three: Decide on a color scheme or Theme. Many places, like blogger and wordpress, offer pre-made blog free themes that are plug-n-play scenarios. They allow you to choose your theme, log in to their interface, and just insert your blog text – it will appear in the theme template automatically and looks great. Pick one that suits your needs.

Step Four: Fill in Basic Content. Make sure you put an “About” section on your blog explaining who you are and the purpose of your blog (people don’t like purposeless blogs). Also, put up a contact email, blog pen-name, and picture if you like.

Step Five: Write 2 Pillar Posts. Start your blog with two “pillar posts,” or posts that give your readers interesting information and some kind of authority. Keep posts between 300 and 600 words and link to related content online.

Step Six: Start Promoting! Start getting visitors by commenting on other people’s blogs, adding your new blog to your email signature, and telling your friends and family. Ta-da! Blog done in less that 60 minutes!


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