How to Make Yourself Happy

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It’s simple to become happy. Just follow the listed items here. Good luck!

  1. Maintain your health.
  2. Spend some time to rest, do not overwork.
  3. Do outdoor exercise regularly and appropriately.
  4. Love people around you. When they are happy, you will happy too.
  5. Greet people with a sweet smile.
  6. Forget all unhappy events.
  7. Forgive people who hit, scold, tease, betray or cheat you.
  8. Care for old people, friends and relatives surround you.
  9. Do not demand too much from other people, but demand appropriately according to your ability.
  10. Do not compare with other people. Always satisfy and appreciate with whatever you are having now.
  11. Enjoy your life. Do not waste your time on unnecessary worries and annoyances.
  12. Do not slave yourself for money.
  13. Plan something easy for you to achieve in a short time.
  14. Spend some time to relax. Let your spiritual be in tranquility by praying to God or Buddha.
  15. Recall all sweet memories that make you feel happy.
  16. Think positively.
  17. Learn something new but do not force yourself to cultivate it.
  18. Create something creative, attractive and interesting to fill your house.
  19. Joke with friends.
  20. Share idea and opinions with other people.
  21. Watch your favorite movies, cartoons, soup dramas, comedies and etc.
  22. Give yourself a present.
  23. When you feel down, do self-motivation to boost your emotion up
  24. Pay a visit to orphanage, old folk homes and care for people there as they need your love.
  25. Be a social worker and help those who are in needs.
  26. Make friends with other people from the world, and enrich your knowledge with their cultures, customs and living environments.
  27. Stay close to the nature.
  28. Do not kill or harm any living lives as they are as precious as human lives.

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