How to be a mentor

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When your wanting to be a mentor to a student there are some things to keep in mind, make sure you know about a certian subject, you will have to think of ways to help the other person and make it seem a bit easier. You will need a few tools as you do with every job, make sure you have a quiet enviorment so no distractions occure.

1.Have everything such as paper,extra pencils,calculaitor,erasers rulers and other items such as crayons,glue and whatever else you may need.

2.Read over the assignment yourself and make sure you have a good understanding.

3.Be prepaird for anything such as having to read things to a student

4.Have paitence and take your time with the student in question in order to help them properly.

5.As they ask you questions, ask them questions in return to see if they remember,this will help with training their mind to remember it better and learn from it.

6. Give a little mini review and if they understand make sure everything is done,try to have some fun with it so the student doesn’t get bored and so you don’t eaither.

7. If your mentoring in more than one subject make sure you do one thing at a time,make a few guidelines for the student let them do as much as they can by them selves if they need help, help them, ask questions here and there to see if they understand the concept of the home work.

8.Once the assignments are finished have the student put it away in the proper folder so they don’t lose their home work items, and perhaps in the future you will learn by helping the students and be able to help more.


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