Laptop Ant

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I was sitting in front of my laptop, trying to get my mind organized to start working when I saw an ant running across the top of the screen.  I wondered for a second where he had come from and then realized that last night when I set my laptop on the floor next to the front door, I had seen a trail of them moving along a crack in the tile.  This particular ant, which was pacing relentlessly back and forth across my screen, must have been inspecting my laptop for crumbs when it arbitrarily hitched a ride and ended up 15 miles away from its home.

Which started me to wonder, what does happen to all the disoriented ants in the world.  I mean, ants live in a colony, their whole life revolves around working for this colony.  So, if one is accidentally transported to another location, what happens to him?  Does he wander around till he drops from starvation looking for his home, or does he eventually find another colony and join it.

So, I was thinking, being a humanitarian, or should I say animalitarian, since I know where he came from, does it then become my responsibility to put him back?  I realized that most people don’t give this issue another thought as they would squash him with their finger, relieved that there was one less bug in the world, but I, on the other hand feel the need to catch him and take him back to whence he came.  It’s situations like this that litters my mind like trash along side a freeway.  Most people drive-by and say tsk-tsk, I drive by and feel the urge to pull over and pick it up.  But, I realize, though, that this would make for a long commute.


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