How to Know if You Hired a Geek or Must Consult Someone Else

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 Geeks are persons so entranced by tech that paying them is

almost a frill.

MCSEs are as interested in computers as the clerk is in the

colour of the file jackets.

Hiring an MCSE; Microsoft Certified System Engineer, (known

as ‘Must Consult Someone Else’) is going to cost you a lot

of money in the long run.

A Geek may appear to have arrived early, that is because he

has been there all night.

An MCSE will walk away from a server which is malfunctioning

because it is his lunch time, leaving the entire office off-line.

A Geek will notice a problem, be able to format the hard

drive and load another operating system. An MCSE will

‘reinstall’ the same failing system and preserve the problem.

Geeks will experiment with every Operating System and

application at home in their spare time, and be able to

direct the employers as to what would work best.

MCSEs get the latest Window upgrades and have had offices

moved from 98 to 2000 then to XP and now are clamoring

for VISTA, because the Borg tells them so.

Hence, an MCSE will insure you never stop buying software.

A Geek will get CDs of Linux load them, and the only time

he will ever need to ‘tweak’ is if some esoteric piece of

equipment is purchased and he needs to find and load the


Zero is spent on software, saving a company millions of

dollars.  Further, the fact that Linux is virtually

bullet proof means that malware and illegal access is

not a problem.

Geeks know a little about a lot; they can build a computer

from random parts, can tweak software, have no problem

with all sorts of firmware, and even if something was just

invented last month, one can be sure that a Geek either was

involved in Beta Testing or has cleaned out his bank account

to buy it for himself.

MCSE know nothing more than what they were certified to know

and avoid learning anything else, save and except if another

expensive course is being given and they can get their

employers to pay for their attendance.

A Geek goes home, (if he has Broadband at home) to surf the

Net.  An MCSE goes home and if he does have a computer, might

not even turn it on.

For a Geek, connectivity is air; being off line is suffering

a major catastrophe.  For an MCSE it is no more distressing

than a pencil point breaking.

It is your money, your office, your work.

You decide.


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