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The first step to driving traffic is to create a popular how to article. Just sit down and think what people search for the most.

Invite people to be your friends on ehow, digg, stumble, Myspace , and any other places that traffic accumulates.

Register to forums that are related to your article. Tons of traffic comes from forums!!! Submit all of your articles to digg and stumble. You can also bookmark your articles!!!

Link your articles to related ads and articles. When someone searches for something else and they see your article is related, they are more likely to follow your related article. People like to have a variety of choices, or opinions.
Chose the title of your article very carefully and wisely!!! Google searches by certain keywords typed in by the surfer. When someone types in “gardening tools”, related articles about gardening tools appear. So if your article is about gardening, be sure and say something about gardening in your title.


Include your website or blog address in your profile. When someone opens your profile and sees your web address they are more apt to follow. Be sure that you have an attractive website or blog to keep viewers attention. Good reading content is a major plus. When you go to a site, you almost expect it to be professional right?


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