RuneScape Tree Farming guide; Expense, Experience, and Profits.

In the MMORPG RuneScape, tree farming is one of multiple types of farming available to RuneScape members. There are two types of tree farming; fruit tree farming and tree farming. Both methods are popular among RuneScape players due to the farming experience but can be costly.

Five types of woodcutting tree are grown in RuneScape. Each tree has its specific farming level to grow. RuneScape kept it simple so each wood requires the same level to grow, chop, and burn. For example, a player needs level 30 farming to grow a willow, level 30 woodcutting to chop the willow, and level 30 firemaking to burn the logs. Although chopping the tree is needed to clear the patch, burning the logs is not necessary. Should the player not have the required woodcutting level, he can pay the farmer to chop down the tree. The player does not get logs nor tree roots. Trees might also get diseased and die unless pruned with secateurs. If paid, farmers will ensure the tree stays healthy.

To plant a tree seed, fill a plant pot by using the pot with a tree patch with a trowel in your inventory. Use the tree seed with the pot and water the tree seedling with a watering can. In a few minutes it will grow into a sapling ready for planting.

The five types of trees that can be grown in tree patches through RuneScape farming:

Oak Trees: Oak trees need a RuneScape farming level of 15 to grow. An oak tree takes 2 hours 20 minutes to mature. Players gain 14 RuneScape farming experience to plant the tree and 467 to check the health. Oak trees are grown from acorns, which sell for around 30 RuneScape gold currently. The farmer will watch over the oak for one basket of tomatoes.

Willow Trees: Willow trees require a RuneScape farming level of 30 to grow. Willow trees mature in three hours, 40 minutes; granting 25 RuneScape farming experience to plant and 1456 to check the health. Willow seeds currently cost around 2,500-3,000 RuneScape gold. The farmer will watch over the willow for one basket of apples. Apples respawn in the cooking guild and in a building north of Ardougne. Apples can be bought from the culinaromancer’s chest in Lumbridge castle for 46 RuneScape gold (after starting Recipe for Disaster quest) or harvested from fruit tree farming. Baskets are sold in farming supply stores. Willow trees are unique in that they grow six willow branches after checking health. A willow branch run half an hour after checking the health can yield 5,000-10,000 RuneScape gold per tree.

Maple Trees: Maple trees can be grown with a RuneScape farming level of 45. Maple trees take five hours to mature, granting 45 RuneScape farming experience to plant and 3,403 to check the health. Maple seeds sell on the grand exchange for around 29,000 RuneScape gold. One basket of oranges is payment for the farmer to ensure your tree grows. Oranges are available in grand tree shops and fruit tree farming in addition to the grand exchange.

Yew Trees: Yew trees require a RuneScape farming level of 60 to grow. Yew trees mature in six hours 20 minutes, granting 81 RuneScape farming experience to plant and 7,070 to check. Yew seeds are currently worth about 77,000 RuneScape gold. Yew roots, unlike the other roots, can be used in herblore in addition to supercompost. Yew roots sell for around 2,600 RuneScape gold. If grown for woodcutting, about 170 yew logs will pay for the yew seed. For ten cactus spines, the farmer will watch over the yew tree.

Magic trees: Magic trees require a RuneScape farming level of 75. Magic trees mature in seven hours, 40 minutes, giving the player 146 RuneScape farming experience to plant and 13,768 to check. Magic seeds sell for around 185,000 RuneScape gold. Magic roots can be spun into magic strings or used in herblore. They’re worth 15,000 RuneScape gold. A RuneScape player needs around 140 magic logs harvested to pay for the magic seed. A magic tree naturally grows by the tree gnome stronghold tree patch, allowing players who chop the magic tree to harvest their farming patch magic tree while waiting for respawn. A farmer watches the Magic tree for 25 coconuts.

These are the different trees that can be grown in RuneScape, their RuneScape Gold potential or liability, and the experience that they give.

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