Valentine’s Day Blessing For The Goddess

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We are never ultimately alone. We are always in relationship, whether we know it or not. If you take the time to pause and just listen, you can begin to open yourself to the presence that is always fully present – hidden in plain sight. Wherever you are, allow yourself to soften and reveal a presence that is bigger than yourself and always inclusive of all aspects of you – body, feelings, and thoughts. Expand your awareness to reveal the gift of yourself in the form of your own natural breath. At its essence, this presence is the very ground of being – pure love.

Something as simple and familiar as your breath holds the secret, this ever present energy that contains all of the keys to your deepest fulfillment. As you surrender to your own breath and accommodate its pulsation, notice that you are actually being breathed. A deeper intelligence operates behind the scenes and runs all of the sophisticated systems that allow you to simply be. How wonderful is that? Without any effort on your part you can enjoy the gift of your body, mind, and heart.

As you reveal your breath and the gift of yourself from this radiant presence of something greater, let the awareness spread to every part of you. Let every aspect of you be lit up so that no part is left feeling separate. This is your opportunity to bring the light of awareness to all of the seeming diversity of your complicated self – so that you simply affirm that all of you is actually united in LOVE. Let even your doubts and uncertainties be included in this embrace by LOVE. Allow yourself to be vulnerable so that even those parts that seem shadowy or cry out are not neglected and are affirmed.

This reflection can be further enhanced by refreshing your memory of a person in your life that has really inspired the best in you. Visualize that person and draw the energy of that person deep into your consciousness. Recall what quality of heart he or she has invoked that you truly admire. Perhaps that person represents courage, compassion, patience, steadfastness, enthusiasm, or some other great virtue.

As you continue to focus on that person, allow that virtue he or she represents to be infused into your breath. Let your breath carry and inspire that quality of being into all of you so that the highest virtue unites all of you. You carry the light of your awareness through your breath by such a wonderful quality of heart. With a consciously cultivated heart, now open your eyes and maintain what you have created. Look out into the world with the vision of what you have revealed inside. Let your inner vision inform how you see the world. You are empowered to see all of the forms of the world in its ever changing and diverse nature from a united perspective.


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