The Mystery Of The Moon – Nonlinear Mastery Of Breath

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The moon gives us the opportunity to reflect upon and bring a new awareness to our doing.

Our lives are busy and full of multitasking. We are rewarded in our Western culture for our achievements in the most efficient way possible. This forces a more linear and analytical approach to life. We can easily approach life only trying to be as productive as possible. So much emphasis on a life of doing squeezes out our deeper impulse to be creative and to add meaning to expressions of who we are.

The first step is to pause in all the doing, to take a deep breath and to smile. Let your breath be soft, clear and luminous – like moonlight. Allow any resistances to your creative self fade. This simple act of connecting with your breath helps you to realize that you’re the essential source and wellspring of creativity that is already deeply present. By conscious breathing, you begin to synchronize all parts of your mind: the rational and analytical mind with the more intuitive and feeling mind. Thoughts can begin to move beyond the linear to a more curvy and wavelike pattern. Optimally, when you really permit yourself to make a deep connection inside, you connect to a higher intelligence and then a bigger picture emerges. This opening takes you into the very depth of pulsation from which all of your thoughts and feelings come.

Feel yourself drop into this deep level of pulsation in your breathing. It is the pulsation of all living beings at the highest level and at the most microcosmic level. This pulsation takes you into your heart and balances the life of doing with a higher energy. Begin to align yourself with this pulsation. Feel the waves of this pulsation in the form of your breath. If you focus on the tip of your nostrils, you can sense the cool air entering on the inhalation and the warm air exiting on the exhalation. Continue this focus and this can take you deeper into a deeper alignment with the pulsation of life.

As you become more comfortable in the center of the pulsation, allow creative thoughts to emerge from these depths. This is the source of the deeper and “inner” wisdom. No longer bobbing on the surface, you are in the currents of pulsation. It is here that a deeper awareness can take place. It is at this level of being from which a shift to wholeness is re-inspired.

Take this higher perspective into your actions and expressions to enhance your life. Even if life is busy, there is always time to pause, to take a breath and to shift your awareness. These little moments of awareness throughout the day create openings of insight and allow for ease and flow.


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