How To Make $1000 Online

There are so many ways to make money online like make money using your articles, make money with your photos and videos, make money with your ebooks, make money with affiliate programs, etc.  From the long list one of the best way to make money online is using your writing.  Writing is really an art.  Using that art we can make money.  You no need to be a great authour of a book, authour of a novel, etc. to write an article.  Just write what you think and which subject are you well versed in.  First choose which topic you going to write about.  Then collect all the information related to the topic from books, websites, newspapers, etc.  Just organize all the collected information in certain order.  Choose a relevant and attractive title to get more visitors.  Just write an introduction about what you are going to write about.  Then follow your topic with relative content.  Try to use keywords at least 5 times but not more than 7 or 8 times.  Just Bold the important points.  Add related images to your content from legal sources like flickr, wikimedia, etc.  Don’t put copyrighted images that will create problems to you.  Search related videos from youtube, metacafe, expertvillage, etc. and add that video to your content.  Add a poll related to your content that spice up your content even more interesting.  Finally recheck your article for any mistake or for better organizing.  I think Now you have a better article at your hand.

Now, I come to the point that how we can make money using your writing.  There are lot more websites are giving money to write articles, news, etc.  Some important websites are Squidoo, Hubpages, Bukisa, Xomba, Triond, Associated Content, Helium, etc.  You can submit your articles and you can make a life long revenue from these websites.  Here is the huge list of Get Paid to write websites that will help you to make even $1000 per month. All the websites are free to join.

51 Get Paid To write Websites

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