Reviewing Xin Yi Fusion Restaurant in Rome, Italy

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Xin Yi is located in the outskirts of Rome, near the beach, the location is called Acilia and the restaurant is at Via di Saponara 188-190, and can be reached by the local train and buses as well as by car. The restaurant has a very modern look with its lacquered black seats and booths with red cushions while the walls have abstract art on them.

Xin Yi is a fusion restaurant between the Chinese and Japanese cuisine, giving a variety of choice for a group that may have different tastes, in fact their menu has a large extension of choices and the prices are pretty competitive as well.

On their Japanese menu you can oreder the Ume Sushi for 10, 00 Euros which is a plate with 4 pieces of sushi and 6 pieces of a ura maki roll, or a Chirashi which is fish in a rice bowl such the Maguro (tuna) Chirashi for 13, 00 Euros. Or if you prefer the fried (tempura) dishes you can go for the Ebi which is shrimp tempura for 8, 50 Euros or the Yashi Tempura which are fried vegetables for 5,00 Euros.

You can also go with their Donburi menu which is a bowl of rice and a miso soup that comes with it like the Unadon which is rice with eel on top for 15, 00 Euros or the Katsudon which is rice with pork and egg for 7, 00 Euros or even rice curry for 7, 00 Euros which comes with a salad as well.

Their Chinese part of the menu is also pretty extensive and you can start with different appetizers such as the ever popular spring rolls at 1,10 Euros each, steamed or fried dumplings for 2, 30 Euros or a simple salad with mayonnaise for 2,50 Euros.

Then you can have as an entrée some Soy Spaghetti with spicy beef for 2,50 Euros or a bowl of Cantonese rice or rice with pineapple for 2,20 Euros. If you prefer some meat then you can order beef with mushrooms and bamboo for 4, 00 Euros, pineapple chicken or even orange chicken or fried lemon chicken for 3, 60 Euros. Or try the duck in soy sauce the duck with pineapple sauce for 4,10 Euros, or the Pekinese duck for 8, 00 Euros. You can order the Pekinese duck for the family or table for 35, 00 Euros.

As for desserts they have rice cake for 3, 00 Euros, fried Nutella, fried milk, lychees fruit, and fried ice-cream for 2, 00, to name a few.


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