Cure Options for Hair Loss

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Baldness is a serious condition that can either be total or just partial hair loss and it usually tends to hit the majority of men but this does not mean that women do not suffer from it. Hair loss is a serious condition and there are various causes the loss of hair, and the most common one is a genetic cause, which means that most likely if you are suffering from this condition so did your parents or grandparents. Also this condition is found more in men than women and in fact statistically speaking 75% more men than women suffer from hair loss.
According to the Family Doctor website ( some of the causes that produce hair loss from strees, bad health diet, genetics or an allergy to a pharmaceutical medication typical of people going through chemotherapy.

There are ways to stop the process of hair loss; the first thing that someone needs to do when they see an excessive amount of hair loss is book and appointment with a dermatologist to get a detailed and accurated diagnosis. And there are two types of cures that one can opt for, one is with a pharmaceutical pill and the other one is surgery, but it is best to choose which one is best only after you weighed and discussed the options in detail with your doctor.

According to another website Sitri ( for the medication options there are several that one can choose from, of course all this will be decided together with your dermatologist, the most used ones are called “finasterid” and usually one has to take it for life if they do not want that hair loss will return. The other popular one is “minoxidil”, and this type of medication has a dual role since it is also used for hypertension and this one also needs to be used for the long term.

The other option is surgery or more commonly known as hair transplant According to the Sitri website ( the tecnique of the transplant is done in a way in which a strip of hair is cut and then cut again in little pieces and planted in the areas more subject to hair loss. This method has had various progress in the last year and so more people choose this method than in the past.

So these are two options that one can take in consideration after talking to their dermatologist.


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