How to make RuneScape gold while powerleveling cooking to 99

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In the old days of RuneScape, cooking was a skill that was not often taken into consideration by players marketing raw and cooked fish. Not to mention back then autoers and bots were rampant so there was a glut in the raw fish market. With the introduction of the Grand Exchange and banning of bots, raw fish increased in price. Should a RuneScape player seek to powerlevel cooking, he can expect to lose between 15-60 RuneScape gold per fish. However, with a little RuneScape game knowledge and merchanting skills, it is still possible to get a cooking skillcape without losing RuneScape gold.

Here are some things to take into consideration:

Time is money: The more a hurry you are to get the cape, the less time you have. Time can be turned to your advantage both in acquiring food and timing your buying and selling of food.

Being wealthy helps: Being wealthy allows you flexibility in that you can afford to hold on to large amounts of cooked fish until the best time for selling.

Know your limits: Know how much of each type of fish you need to cook and how much you can cook on a given day. That way you can adjust your buying to minimize risk. (Please refer to Table 2 at the end of this article.)

Fishing helps. Fishing can take time to train, but the way to make the most money en route to level 99 cooking and the cooking skillcape is to catch the fish.

Do not burn fish. Know what levels you can safely cook fish at. Cooking Gauntlets decrease your chance of burning fish, allow you to reach no-burn at a lower level, and allow for no burn of shark. Cooking Gauntlets are a reward from the Family Crest quest. (See Table 1.)

Table 1: No Burn levels of fish in RuneScape:

Trout: 70 cooking experience, you stop burning at level 50 cooking.

Salmon: 90 cooking experience, stop burning at level 58 cooking.

Tuna: 100 cooking experience, stop burning at level 63 cooking.

Lobster: 120 cooking experience, stop burning at level 74 (level 65 with gauntlets.)

Swordfish:  140 cooking experience, stop burning at level 86 (81 with gauntlets.)

Monkfish: 150 cooking experience, stop burning at level 92 (90 with gauntlets.)

Shark: 210 cooking experience, never stops burning (stops at level 94 with gauntlets.)

Here are methods of training cooking without spending money:

Miscellania workers: Using the Manage My Kingdom feature, RuneScape players and get 132 raw swordfish and 440 raw tuna (around 120k RuneScape Gold in value) daily for an expense of 50k RuneScape Gold. By cooking and selling, RuneScape players still make between 30k to 40k RuneScape gold selling the cooked fish. Heroes quest, Fremennik trials quest, and Kingdom of Miscellania quests are required, Royal Trouble quest is strongly recommended or less fish will be produced daily. Miscellania workers withdraw no more than 10% of the RuneScape gold from the coffers, so at least 750,000 RuneScape gold is needed. Travel to Miscellania daily to maintain 100% approval is also recommended. Traveling via sailor from relekka and harpooning fish at the dock or via spirit tree to etcetera and cutting teak or mahogany are two good ways to maintain your approval but the best way is to use fairy ring code CIP because that puts you by the coal mine, closer to the castle and Adviser Ghrim. 203 days and up to 10,150,000 RuneScape gold are needed (less if you are cooking tuna and eventually the swordfish during the 203 days.) Players stand to make a profit of between 4,500,000-10,000,000 RuneScape gold depending on the price of cooked fish.

Cook trout: If you are patient, buying raw rout and selling cooked trout will get you to 99 cooking. You will need to cook 184,759 trout to get there. Trout will sell on the grand exchange, although slowly. You make 2 RuneScape gold per trout cooked, but it took a week for 5,000 trout to sell. Selling the trout in multiple windows in the grand exchange will increase your chances of selling. Players make almost 370,000 RuneScape gold, IF the trout sells.

Merchanting: Know the price ranges for the fish to get an idea of how high or low they sell for. Knowing a few months’ history is helpful; as well as knowing any factors that would change the market (e.g. new PvP world changes, etc.) It is essential to have a lot of RuneScape gold for this method, 50m or more preferably. Watch your market and buy low, sell high. Prices tend to swing in the grand exchange; they will sink and on the day the low is hit, rise. Buying the item for the minimum price the day before the low is hit (when the drop starts to lessen, usually) allows you to actually get a better deal usually then buying at mid price at the low point. If you can sell at maximum price a day earlier, it is also recommended; once the rising prices start to slacken. Keep an eye on what merchanting clans are doing. If a clan is merchanting the item, you have to sell at the right time or risk the item being unsellable and crashing. Selling too early in a merchanting clan situation can be better than waiting the extra day, as clan item dumps can come without warning. Players can gain or lose millions of RuneScape gold this method.

Other foods: Cake ingredients can be mixed together and baked. Pizzas can be made; both these methods can be time consuming. Toppings can be added to plain pizza; it is slow experience but good money. If you buy the ingredients cheap and mix together, curry can be cooked for a large profit. Making curry can be very time consuming as there are five steps in making it. Making wine is the second-fastest way to train cooking in the game, but is very expensive.

Training Fishing: If you have the patience to train fishing, catching and cooking fish is probably the most profitable way to reach 99 cooking.

Table 2: Fish needed to train cooking from level 50-99 without burning.

Level 50-58: 1,760 Trout.

Level 58-63: 1,602 Salmon or 2,060 trout.

Level 63-65: 809 Tuna, 899 Salmon, or 1,155 Trout.

Level 65-74: 5,391 Lobsters (Gauntlets,) 6,469 Tuna, 7,188 Salmon, or 9,241 Trout.

Level 74-81: 9,138 Lobsters, 10,966 Tuna, 12,184 Salmon, or 15,665 Trout.

Level 81-86: 10,036 Swordfish (Gauntlets,) 11,709 Lobsters, 14,050 Tuna, 15,611 Salmon, or 20,072 Trout.

Level 86-90: 12,490 Swordfish, 14,572 Lobsters, 17,486 Tuna, 19,429 Salmon, or 24,980 Trout.

Level 90-92: 7,807 Monkfish (Gauntlets,) 8,364 Swordfish, 9,758 Lobsters, 11,710 Tuna, 13,011 Salmon, or 16,728 Trout.

Level 92-94: 9,516 Monkfish, 10,196 Swordfish, 11,895 Lobsters, 14,274 Tuna, 15,860 Salmon, or 20,391 Trout.

Level 94-99: 24,238 Shark (Gauntlets,) 33,932 Monkfish, 36,355 Swordfish, 42,416 Lobsters, 50,899 Tuna, 56,554 Salmon, or 72,712 Trout.

Skillers or non-mage pures cannot attain cooking gauntlets (Quest requires casting a level 59 magic spell.) Using miscellania provides a lot of tuna. F2P RuneScape players can only cook up to Swordfish. Powerfishers may decide to cook the trout and salmon that they catch in Karamja.


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