How to adopt from a pound

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Step 1 – Decide what you are looking for, perhaps set some guide lines if you feel it necessary about size, type, however the most likely scenario will be love at first site.

Step 2 – Use your local phone directory or the internet to look up animal shelters in your area.

Step 3 – Visit a few shelters in a casual manner looking for a potential pet that appeals to you.

Step 4 – Ask for some one on one time with your new potential pet so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting into.

Step 5 – Visit several times to determine if this is the right choice for you, but be weary that others could adopt before you make your move.

Step 6 – Inform the shelter that you wish to adopt and most likely they will gladly ablige, you may have to provide time for a home inspection so that the shelter can see that they are making the right choice by allowing you to adopt the animal.

Step 7 – House proofing, make sure all easily breakable, potential hazards such as low lieing food and electrical cords are out of the way. 

Step 8 – You may be required to get your new pet vaccinated, the shelter may do it for you but a vet visit may be necessary for things such as rabies.

Questions to ask when choosing a pet.

Is he/she potty trained?

Does he/she know any commands? If so which ones? Examples, sit, heel, lie down.

Is he/she known to be destructive? Examples, destroying curtains, chewing on objects, walls, etc.

Is he/she known to have any behavorial problems?

What is his/her personality like?

Does he/she take any medications?  Examples heartworm, ear infection medication.

Alternatively you may want to look up Foster care programs where an animal lives with a foster family until adopted by their new owner.  You could either become a member of such a program or adopt from one.


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