Do you want to sell on Ebay, but you don’t want to pay seller fees?

Has it been a while since you have sold on Ebay? Possibly it is because you are just an individual trying to earn a little cash and can’t afford to keep paying seller fees on items from your home that might or might not sell. Well guess what! Ebay is now doing an ongoing promotion that allows you to list 5 items free within a one-month period. The only stipulation is that you must list the items as an auction-style sale. Which means, you cannot use the set ‘Buy it Now’ option to set an exact price for your sale. But, the good news is that if you choose not to compromise on your starting price for your auction bid and the item doesn’t sell, you won’t be loosing out on the listing fee or selling for lower than you want to. It’s a no-risk situation, which is great news for all of us normal ebayers who aren’t some big Power seller!


  • Adding extra pictures and personalizing your add will cost. Only the most basic Ebay adds will be free of charge.
  • If you are new to Ebay: you must also have a Paypal account to get paid. Ebay pays through electronic funds that can be transferred to a bank account that has been confirmed through paypal.
  • Ebay will deduct a small percentage of your profit to keep for themselves. There is a chart that located on Ebay so you can estimate the amount. Of course you will not know the exact amount until your auction is over and you know how high your final selling price is.

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