Best Car Trends for 2009!

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With the year of 2008 coming to an end, everyone is wondering what’s in store for the new year of 2009, when it comes to new car trends. Some of the newest car trends for 2009, include the hottest colors, safest vehicles and must fuel efficient automobiles. Below, I have listed the best upcoming car trends for 2009!

Technology inside the Ride: No, this doesn’t mean cars will be able to be like Kit in Knight Rider and drive themselves, however, you may be able to hold a full conversation. The new breeds of cars in 2009 are promised to have tons of upgrades when it comes to navigation. The new breed of Land Rovers are promised to have the touchpad controlled entry, you will be able to get into your “whip” from your fingerprints! Also the highly talked about Jaguar is sure to change the “car game” when it comes to their pop up dial gear shift, Woooooow!

New Green SUV’s: Although gas prices have went down considerable, many people are still very hesitant when it comes to purchasing a SUV. The amount of money that it used to take to fill up an SUV was almost close to rent money! For the new year of 2009, SUV are “going green” by being more fuel efficient. Look for an increase in hybrid cars by brand names such as Escalade, Chrysler and Volkswagen. These cars are promised to break the barriers instead of your wallet as they are offered at the low price of $40,000 or less.

New Safety Features: Most car companies add more safety to their vehicles every year due to the increasing amount of horrible drivers (you may be one). Such safety features for the new 2009 cars are unbelievable literally. Take the new 2009 Volvo XC70 for example, it will tell you when to take a coffee break! Literally! The Infiniti FX50 will allow you to change speeds during cruise control to cater to the specific types of traffic. Last but not lease, the Mercedes S600 will even stop the car before you get into an accident and rear end someone, these cars are driving themselves!

Return of the Muscle: Within the last few years, the demand for luxury cars has been at an all time high! That was then, this is now! Prepare for the return of the muscle car! After a struggling history of non releases over the last couple of years, the Ford mustang with now compete with the likes of the new Pontiac GT, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger. Your gas may still burn away at the speed of light with all of those horses under the hood, however; you have to make sacrifices!

Bigger Grills: Let me see your grill! The new cars and trucks of 2009 will have one thing in common, bigger grills. The grills of the past are going to be forgotten once the new F-150 is released by Ford. It looks like something right out of the Transformers flick! Those looking to intimidate everyone on the road, go for the bigger grills!

Flyest Colors: All of the black, white, blue and red cars will seem basic after the new “flamboyant” rosters of cars are released in 2009. Look for an increase in Sangria red, Forest green and metallic blue to take over the charts. Look for tasty flavored colors to be sprayed across all of the new vehicles in 2009.


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