Top 3 Questions Every Girl Must Ask

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One of the realities of growing up is being concerned with the bigger picture. You begin to think about your goals and your relationships with other people on a larger scale. You have a lot of questions on your mind, but are you asking the right ones?

1. Q. What am I good at?

Insecurity comes from prioritizing other people’s expectations of you rather than being confident in yourself. You may lose your individuality while struggling to please other people all the time.

A. Make a list of what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. Learn to develop your strengths and accept your weaknesses might minimize your strengths, so focus your 10s instead to maximize your potential.

2. Q. Whose opinion matters?

Whenever you encounter a dilemma, whom do you turn to for advice? Friends may be good listeners, but have you thought of turning to Mom?

A. Develop a healthy, open relationship with your mom, your older sister, or an older relative. Think about it, they were once teenagers like you and might have gone through similar experiences. It’s easy to underestimate older people’s advice, but hear them out. Instead of seeing them as cops out to spoil the fun, develop a friendlier relationship with them.

3. Q. What keeps me from doing something?

Scared of making mistakes or being criticized for you work? Fear will get you nowhere. A lot of unhappy people have let fear rule their lives and end up never realizing their full potential.

A. Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the midst of fear. Remember, a person is not a failure for doing so many things that did not work out. She only fails when she was stopped trying. Consider mistakes as lessons learned. Even the most successful people have failed on their way to success.


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