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What is Mugen???

Mugen is a free 2D fighting game engine. It allows you to create your own fighting game (with your own characters, backgrounds…). Mugen is very configurable and powerfull, you can get a gameplay as good as commercial fighting games such as Street Fighter Alpha or King of Fighters series. The only weak point of Mugen is the difficulty to create characters. But the more difficult is to begin, after some work it becomes easier, and you’ll love it :). But if you don’t have time or patience to make your own characters, you needn’t worry: you can download characters already made by other people.

To download the engine here is the link :

Okay lets get started……

First of all the most important part of a your Mugen is the Characters that you want!

Characters can be found really easily but pages i would recommend you use would be : Really nice website full of Mugen Characters and Add-Ons Page full of Mugen Characters of all Kinds!

Well now the way to put your characters into mugen….. first download your characters and put then into your character folder that’s in the Mugen folder.

Its a easy step after you get it, first go into your data folder in Mugen, after that look for a select.def open it with notepad and then you can put your characters name in that notepad. *Remeber the Name of The Mugen Character folder must be the same as the one that you put in the select.def notepad…

Now comes the Stages… Stages can be found easily in the web so dont worry but the web page i showed before (mugen infantry) is full of them. Now to put them in Mugen you got to download them, then extract all the files into the folder at Mugen thats called stages… extract them all there and then go back to the folder data and open the file select.def again…go down and you will see a part that says ExtraStages, now you just got to put stages/—-.def… where the — is you got to put the name of the stages as they are in the stages folder.

Now the nice add-on to Mugen! Screenpacks! the tutorial for screenpack’s are very simple so you can look at my video to understand it (For screenpack’s go to for really nice screenpacks)

And Your finished with your Mugen!!!! well….. your never finished since you can make as much Mugen’s as you want! Have FUN!!!!!!!!


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