How to deal with Stress better

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Stress can kill you, everyday we stress our bodies to the point where we have health problems with our hearts and our brains. To minimize this one needs to find a way to deal with everday stresses. One way I can share is for me if I feel as though I am at my stress high I take a bath. This is very soothing for me and it may work for others as well. It reminds us of the womb and it soothes aches and pains. Add some bath gel or some sea salts and it could just soak away that stress build up.

There are many ways to reduce stress, another way I have used is to take a nap. If this is a possiablity I would do this for sure, reason being even a cat nap can increase happiness in your moods. Try it sometime it might work for you and you have never even tryed it. Now I know for some that are reading this article might feel how can I take a nap if this cannot be done, try buying a stress ball. It may seem silly, but it works too believe me I have used it many times.

Another tips to reduce stress, go for a quick brisk walk. This is great exercise and is good for the heart, reverse the stress and make it a postive instead of a negative. Even walking up and down a stairs can help lower blood pressure. As always these are tips to help but I recommend talking to a doctor before you try any of my tips. Thank you for reading my article, please come back later for more of my great articles.


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