Sach ka Saamna: Are you ready to face your moment of truth.

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Talks have been started for a new television show in India , Sach ka Saamna, an Indian version of international show, Moment of Truth. News channel studios are filled with many intellectual people, psychologists, social workers, well known media persons etc to discuss the show, aftermaths of the show, how this show can spoil life of people Etc.

Is it really hard to face the truth in front of more than a billion people? Yes, it is hard.

But is it necessary to creat controversy for every reality show?  From producers’ point of view, yes. It fetches more audience for the show.

But my question is: Is this show really harm to society, especially Indian society, which is far more conservative than other western countries, from where this show has come?

I don’t think so, people of India or any other country who take part in these types of show, normal they are adults and know well about its consequences. They are able to handle such uneasy questions, that is why they are there and if someone gets any problem in his life after the show, only he/she can be blamed.

Now let’s talk about polygraphic machine and results of its tests.

This machine judges it results by some movement of the body while facing any question. Normally body remains calm when person is telling truth but when person is telling a lie, person gives some different expressions and this machine called them false. But there is still discussion going on the results of this machine. Whether these results are correct or not. Even Indian courts don’t take these results as a proof in any case, as I know.

Reason, some times person faces some question in which he/she fights with mind whether to give answer or not and person feel uneasy, even if that person gives correct answer but because of his/her uneasiness and expression, machine may take the results as a lie and person can’t do anything in that case.

But why there is such cry about this show? Why only politicians are raising this question? Why general public is giving it’s support to the show?

I think politicians are afraid about themselves. They think that one day they also will get invitation for the show and they will not be in condition to refuse it and their hidden bad things will come out.


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